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Tail wag-worthy amenities that make Peters Creek Pet Boarding the best for your pet!


Convenient location right off the Glenn Hwy - Only 30 miles from the Anchorage International Airport!


Come in for a tour any day and any time that we're open!

Our state of the art facility was built from the ground up specifically for the purpose of pet care. Every detail was made to create a fun and stress free experience for our beloved guests


Peters Creek Pet Boarding is the perfect place for your pets. We built this facility with your pet's comfort in mind.  All dogs are housed in their own private rooms with in-floor heat, raised beds, windows, and their own outdoor run. The cats also have their own private rooms which makes them very happy. Dogs and cats (in the same family) can be housed together too, if that would make your fur babies more comfortable during their stay.  Come by for a visit and check out our place; we know you will love it! 

Suite Styles

Standard Rooms

(click photos to enlarge)

Our standard suites are 6' x 6'

the size of a standard dog run.

Multi Species/Size Set Up

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At PCPB we have some large suites with kennels to separate at feeding time or overnight. Want your cats boarded in a large suite with your dog because they're best buds? We can accommodate that also!


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Cats deserve a day filled with cuddles and cat naps. We give all the attention your cats need and the experience our guests deserve. With private kitty-condos to sleep, and cat trees to climb, your cats will love you even more after their stay with PCPB. With your permission, families take turns roaming around the full cattery to play and explore during the day and overnight.

Large Rooms

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Our large suites are 8' x 12' 

and are suitable for larger breeds, or multi pet households.

Patios/Outdoor Runs

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Every large suite equipped

with a spacious patio

Social Yard

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Play Yard

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At Peters Creek Pet Boarding we have a huge play area to satisfy your dog's desire to sniff, socialize, play, and explore! During Summer months our staff brings out multiple pools for extra fun in the sun!

Every day our kennel closes 12pm - 3pm for play groups and cleaning. Our staff encourages safe and positive social interactions by matching dogs for play by similar size, similar demeanor, and being mindful of who is intact or fixed, as well as any other quirks that pets may have.


Not all people get along with one another, and at PCPB we understand and honor that dog's have their own preferences too :)

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